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Tool Description
Collections Dotlrn package to create simple user custom databases.
Quota Dotlrn package to control user/community disk usage.
Cards Dotlrn package to facilitate the pursuit of the students in each subjet during the course. It contains the personal data of the student and allows the professor to add a series of annotations deprived on the student.
Datamanager Dotlrn package to copy/move/import/export data between courses and between database instances.
Homepage Dotlrn package to make user and communities public webs.
cwhos-online Files to clusterize whos-online.
Poll Dotlrn package to make simple polls.
Messenger Dotlrn package to allow communication among users (and course admin with students) with internal messages.
Siuvadmin Openacs package to automatize users/communities creation and more, from text files.
Switch-rol Files to allow switching teacher/student rol of one teacher.
Wikipedia Dotlrn package to make integration of wikipedia in courses.
MMPlayer Dotlrn package to view/play multimedia resources in courses.

(Every dotlrn package include the package, dotlrn-package and package-portlet)