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Update of Aula Virtual

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Update of Aula Virtual
by Virtual, Aula - Thursday, 27 July 2017, 2:45 PM


It has updated Aula Virtual to the 3.3 version of Moodle. These version upgrades include new features and enhancements proposed by the Moodle Community and security patches.

Among the most outstanding are:

  • Performance Improvement of the Aula Virtual software.
  • Improved navigation and organization in the 'My Courses' content in the block 'Navigation'.
  • Quick access to notifications and messages from anywhere in the "Site".

For teachers:

  • Set a 'Remind me to grade by' reminder.
  • Specify assignment file types.
  • Improving the publication of multimedia (pictures and video) by dragging to the main course page.
  • New player with more accessibility, usability and better customization.
  • Activity quiz: Option to delete multiple questions.
  • Add multiple sections from the main page of the course.

More information (keep in mind that not all the new features are enabled in our Moodle site):

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