Right of access to a subject in the Online Classroom


Generally, teachers who appear in the course teaching plan (POD) for that subject have access to the subject in the Online Classroom. As the responsibility for teaching courses lies with the departments of the University, the department responsible for teaching each group must know and properly record this information in the POD application. In this application it is possible, if deemed necessary to register a new teacher or assign 0 hours of teaching to reflect their relationship to the subject as a coordinator (or for whatever other reason,

For example, the subjects of the Practicum).

Exceptionally, and if it is not possible to modify the POD of the subject, teachers designated by the POD as teachers of that subject, and who therefore have access to the course in the Online Classroom, can authorize access to the course by another teacher at the UV.

In any case, since granting access to a subject in the Online Classroom allows access to student and teacher data and materials, this access should be explicitly granted only by those responsible for teaching the subject, be they the department or the teachers of the subject.

With regard to subjects in academic courses above:

article 22 of the Statutes of the Universitat de València sets that are
'Functions of the department: to Assign and coordinate the teaching of the lessons that has been entrusted with, in accordance with the schedule of the center or centers
where they are taught, and to formulate proposals for the development of this programming [...]'.

In the section directed to the functions of the Director set that is part of their roles
'Coordinate and oversee the teaching, the administration and the department services, executing and enforcing the resolutions of the Board and,
if necessary, of the Permanent Board'.

Taking into account the precepts listed there should be, at least, an agreement of the Council of the Department in which the determination of the proceedings
to make with regard to this subject and its material content in the virtual classroom with their justification, as well as a designation of the person who will execute the agreed tasks.


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