How can I access to the server to publish material?

UV users have a private space on MMedia where we can store our video or multimedia resources. You can enter this space by logging in to MMedia using the same username and password you use for your (web interface) e-mail account,, or via network drives (this last option is not covered in this document).

Remember that you can only publish videos, music and materials on MMedia which you own or may lawfully placed on the server (see Legal section).

At the top of the MMedia homepage, there are four options one of which is "Log in".

The layout of the administration page will be similar to that shown below. This page shows us all the multimedia files that we upload to the platform.

You can upload your files using one of the tabs at the top called "New file".

Once the file is uploaded, you can click on it to open an edit form allowing us to choose whether we want our video to be public or not, add a title and a description, assign a category, and several other options, in addition to a button that allows us to convert it to .MP4 (the default format for MMedia) if the original video is in another format.

We can also take note of the URL assigned to the video and send it by e-mail, offer it to our students, etc., so that by simply clicking on the URL, users go directly to our video playback.

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