Who can see my videos?

If you have previously marked a video as 'public', it will be visible to anyone who opens the file.
It will be visible to anyone who knows the URL or it finds using the MMedia search tool, Google or other means.
You can also restrict access to the video using a password, or on the contrary set the video to be public and also allow it to be downloaded.


Public: The video will play for anyone who opens it, either because they know the URL, because they found it in a search on MMedia or because the link appears on Roderic (the  UV's repository of free content).
Passworded: the video will only play if the user knows the password the author set at the time of publication.
Note: Passworded videos cannot be played in HTML5.

IP addresses: You can specify the IP address of the computer on which one can play the video. You can indicate more than one IP address if separated by a space, or a range of IP addresses using the asterisk [*] as a wildcard.


  • the video can only be watched on the computer with this IP.
  • ditto but only on the two computers with these IP.
  •     147.156.*.* only on computers on the University network.
Publicly downloadable: the video plays for all, but also displays a download icon that the user can use to download it to their computer.

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