How can I insert subtitles to the videos?

You can add captions to a video that you have uploaded to MMedia. First of all, remember you need to add two files to MMedia: the video to be captioned and a .SRT file containin the captions themselves. (The caption system will not work if the user playing the video uses HTML5.)

This file must be created using an application like Aegisub ( or equivalents to correctly indicate the lines of text to be inserted and when they should appear in the video; it should also have the same name as the associated video (apart from the extension, as we later explain).

You can download a portable version of this Aegisub software from the following link:




This recommended freeware allows you to open the video and place the text in each section of the video intuitively. Once all the captions are in place and everything is complete, save the file. The file will save as .ASS

Save the file and then convert it to .SRC format using any software designed for this purpose. We recommend an online converter:




Then load the resulting .SRT file to MMedia along with the video to be captioned.

E.g. myvideo.mp4 and (the .SRT file must also be labelled 'active' and 'public' in MMedia).

Once this is done, the user will see an ON/OFF connector or plug-in at the top right of your video  allowing captions to be displayed or hidden.

Example of the content of a .SRT file:


00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:05,000

Accederemos a lo que es el panel de configuración de nuestro Blog.


00:00:05,006 --> 00:00:11,050

En este caso vamos a quedarnos con la idea de que en la parte izquierda tenemos toda la serie de menús


00:00:11,050 --> 00:00:15,014

diferentes, que nos van a permitir hacer todo dentro de nuestro blog


00:00:15,014 --> 00:00:17,084

You can see an example by watching the first 17 seconds of this video:

Example of captions

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