Where do the recordings?

Currently the recordings are made on the media sets at the SFPIE (Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa, Lifelong Learning and Educational Innovation Service) on Tarongers Campus or at the Servei d'Informàtica (SiUV, IT service) on Burjassot Campus, depending on the type of recording you wish to make and availability.

Once the service receives a request and it is approved, we inform the user of which set is to be used for recording; if both are available, the user can choose according to convenience.

Tarongers Campus 


Burjassot Campus 




Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa.

  • Carrer del Serpis, 29 – Valencia
  • Tarongers Campus
  • udie @ uv.es
  • Telephone extension: 25039

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/G5zJwSkRU832


Servei d’Informàtica (SiUV)

  • Carrer del Doctor Moliner, 50 – Burjassot
  • Burjassot Campus 
  • multimedia @ uv.es
  • Telephone extension: 44400

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ohChTFhcn1L2


To request the recording of a mUVie you must be PDI teaching staff or PAS administrative staff at the University. This service is not offered to students.

Estudi de gravació SFPIE

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