Where can I make the request for recording of a mUVie?

By filling out this form, you can request any of the multimedia services offered by the SFPIE (Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa, Lifelong Learning and Educational Innovation Service) and the SIUV (Servei d'Informàtica, IT service). Remember that to request these services you must be staff of the Universitat de València (PDI teaching staff or PAS administrative staff).

The general requirements in order to be a beneficiary of the service are:

  • Your request should be made at least 10 days before the activity or event you wish to record takes place.
  • The content of the resources to be produced must always be related to teaching, with your activity at the UV or with innovation in educational curricula for degree or postgraduate studies at the UV.
  • The presenter and the material to be used in the recording should be available for the scheduled dates of the recording.
  • By default, the materials and multimedia resources that are created shall be made publicly available using Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) and their distribution to the various UV broadcast and communications media shall be permitted.

Your request will be assessed and receive a response, either positive or negative, within a week.

We advise you to create a Powerpoint presentation to display to the cameras and which will serve to provide more content and strengthen the resulting video. We recommend producing the most dynamic and visual slides possible with very minimal text explanations. These slides should be sent to the recording set staff at least one week in advance. A set of template slides can be downloaded from the side menu by choosing the appropriate school, faculty, department or service.

The recording service request is made through the Online Office, clicking on the 'Reserve spaces and resources' followed by 'Availability and reservations'. Then select either 'Gravació Multimèdia Burjassot' (Burjassot recording set) or 'Gravació Multimèdia Tarongers' (Tarongers recording set) and make the request.

Once sent, technical staff will contact you to confirm availability, media and other details.

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