Management of the Virtual Classroom of the subjects of Master's degree

The Service of Students and the service of HR POI criteria have been established regarding the management of the Virtual Classroom of the subjects of the Master.

The Service of Students submitted a document with instructions that among other things, it tells how to enlist members in the Virtual Classroom.

In the writing it is clear, that by default, only access to the Virtual Classroom of a subject for those teachers who are assigned teaching in that subject. Therefore, if the teacher of a course considered desirable that third parties may access the management environment of your teaching, and the teaching records generated in it by its students, must be its own teacher who, under his responsibility, to authorize the access of these people.

To do this, you must use the mechanisms provided in the own Virtual Classroom.

In those particular cases of subjects without a faculty registered in a POD (because all of the faculty, external) it is necessary to follow the mechanisms established for this purpose from the Service of HR-POI.

In these cases, agreement with the statement that service sent to the centres, must apply to the Service of HR-POI which incorporates staff from the UV to these subjects (usually the Director of the Master's degree).

This staff, once incorporated into the POD will already have access to the Virtual Classroom and must act with regard to the high faculty external (or your own) in the Virtual Classroom as indicated in the instructions in the Service of Students.

If in the case of a Master's course specifically, he believes that certain people should access the Virtual Classroom for all subjects, the way they act is addressed to all the teaching staff of the master, which is responsible for their spaces in Virtual Classroom, to authorise these people to have access to their courses.

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