What computers can I purchase to mount / replace a Classroom?

Recommendations acquisition computers classrooms informáticaCaracterísticas Techniques (Minimum Requirements):

  • Compatible with CentOS 7.x.
  • Processor x86-64 quad-core-integrated Graphics in CPU.-Minimum performance according to tables passmark, 1800 single core and 6000 multicorehttps://www.cpubenchmark.net/
  • Memory 4 GB DDR4 at least 2400 MHz.•Tower, desktop, mini-slim, pack or All-in-one.
  • Connectivity: USB-3 and Audio minijack front.
  • Keyboard and mouse optical cable and USB connection.
  • Audio system integrated High Definition Audio with multi-channel support.
  • Network adapter 100/1000 with PXE Legacy compatible and WoL.
  • Storage: Hard Disk ≥ 500 GB mechanical or ≥ 64 GB SSD. Connection SATA - III or higher performance.
  • At least one output of the graphic card must be VGA.
    if the computer you need to clone the display on a projector or whiteboard is to buy a splitter for the VGA output that is compatible. To speak with us. Not be used for this, other outputs of the graphics card (HDMI, DVI, etc.).
  • Power supply 500W ATX or similar that complies with the European Regulations ErP2014 and with the certification of Energy efficiency 80 Plus.
  • Monitor ≥17”.•Operating System, Windows 10 Home.
Other Requirements

  • All equipment must be delivered are placed in their final location, connected all the peripherals and check their operation. The equipment old is placed to one side of the room to its removal by the University.
  • The equipment must be connected to the University network.
  • It will provide, to the Computing Service, the relationship of MAC addresses that are grouped by location, in a computer file of type text. From the above-mentioned address, shall be provided to the configuration data that should be included in each of the teams (incorporating stickers with the identification of the computer), and also in a computer file of type text.
  • The BIOS of the equipment is to be supplied configured so that the first boot device is the network card.
  • Teams must have the GUID to all zeros. In the event that the computers may not be able to have the GUID to all zeros, it will provide the service of computing a ratio of the GUID, along with the MAC of each one of the computers, separate each value by a space, in a computer file of type text.
  • 4-year Warranty “In situ” 8x5.

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