Why do I have to login to enter in the computer?

The National Security Scheme (ENS) requires the identification of users who access the electronic resources of the Public Administration in order to ensure the security and privacy of the information of the users themselves.

Art 16 of the Regulation on security of information: it establishes that access to information systems must be controlled and limited to authorized users, restricting access to the functions allowed.

Rules for the use of the ICT Resources art. 5.1: Allocation and use of Resources: The University of Valencia has to provide users with a login account consisting of an id and a password, through which you can use the ICT resources to which it has been enabled. In addition to the art. 5.3 says that the user is responsible for any actions performed through your account, which requires that we identify in the use of ICT resources.

The Art.8 of the Regulation for the use of the ICT resources develops the principle of responsibility and the identification is critical.

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