Changing my photo in the Online Classroom


The photo in the Online Classroom is the same picture as appears in the Online Office, so to change the picture in the Online Classroom, you must follow the procedure to change the picture in the Online Office.

Using this service any PAS or PDI staff member can change the picture of them that appears in UV applications.

Simply select a picture in accordance with the characteristics indicated and authorize it to be used in University applications instead of the existing one. If you do not authorize it, the picture will not change. You can always return to your original photo.

For students there is another procedure:

Students wishing to change their picture must visit the office of the secretary of their faculty where staff will undertake the necessary change once the student provides them with a photo in digital format .

If the student has already submitted their photo to the faculty but still cannot see it in the Online Classroom, they should updated the photo in the Online Office 


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