How can I broadcast live?

To make a live broadcast using the audio/video signal of your computer, there are two essential steps to take:

1. Create a LIVE event in MMedia.

2. Install and configure the Live Encoder software on your computer.

Watch a video tutorial that explains how to create a live event in MMedia:

Once this is done, you need only install and configure the software on your 'broadcasting' computer. This software even allows the recording of the event on your computer for later viewing or publication.

Give the URL to our "viewers" so they have access to our broadcast on the day and time of the event. They can also tune in to the event broadcast by doing a search on

If you ever need help to discover the IP of your broadcasting computer, watch this video:

Additional information

Our broadcast can be seen by thousands of people simultaneously from equipment and devices that have Flash Player installed (currently almost all computers) and updated.

If a viewer needs to watch our broadcasting from Smartphones or Android devices, they can download a player that allows them to view your RTMP broadcast.



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