3. Who can apply for an account?

You can request an account of any PAS/PDI have active account in the University of Valencia.
They may also request an account for students of the University by reason of any work of research, end-of-degree, masters, etc, and under the permission of their teachers.

In this latter case the teacher should:
  • Have the account of the University of Valencia registered in the survey platform.
  • Ask the group where will be registered along with the students who are to work with the platform.
  • Send an e-mail indicating the students that they are going to belong to the group.
Students will apply the high of the platform by completing the account application form.

The teacher will have the responsibility and caution that the surveys carried out by the students comply with the rules of use-mail, data protection and privacy as described in point 2 of this FAQ that is read and accepted, in addition, on the account application form.

E-mail accounts user@fundacions.uv.es
To register the e-mail on the survey platform we need:
The request of the interested user, by accepting the legal terms and conditions.
Application or e-mail of the manager of the foundation confirming the registration of that user.

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