Notice LPI

Before making material available to your students, keep in mind that:
  1. Materials such as scientific journal articles, book chapters, graphics, videos, photographs, etc. They are subject to the legislation on intellectual property. Its use obliges the University of Valencia to comply with the norm and to pay the corresponding rights, where appropriate. These rights also affect the full reproduction of newspaper articles and, in particular, the so-called press-clipping practices.
  2. You are informed that you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Law regarding the materials that are incorporated into the virtual classroom.
  3. Before uploading your own work published by an editor, check the publisher's policy on this. You can check: Sherpa / Romeo or Dulcinea (Spanish Magazines)
  4. If you want to use materials that are freely accessible, share a direct link with your students or check their terms of use. For more information visit our page on «Correct use of teaching materials in the virtual classroom».
  5. If you want to use materials (books and electronic magazines) signed by the University of Valencia, you must share a direct link with your students. "See our information".
  6. Any questions can be directed to "The library responds".