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    Regulation of Evaluation and Qualification

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    With the beginning of the tests you accept that you are aware of the Regulation of Evaluation and Qualification of the University of Valencia (ACGUV 108/2017), by which you are obliged to prove that you are the person who signs the test , that there is no impersonation, that I will not be able to use unauthorized devices, and that any fraudulent action will imply a rating of zero, regardless of the disciplinary procedure that may be initiated (art. 13)

    Recomanacions per als examens ALUMNES

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    S'aproximen dates d'exàmens en Aula Virtual, i és convenient tenir en compte una sèrie de recomanacions tècniques, a més d'aquelles que us puga fer el professorat per a les vostres proves. Ací teniu algunes.

    recomanacions examens


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    On Sunday, May 17, AulaVirtual will be stopped from 00:00 to 08:00 for maintenance.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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